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(1992) by Cormac Mc Carthy: Readers fell in love with this tough and tender coming-of-age story, and Mc Carthy went from being a writer's writer who'd not sold more than 5,000 copies of his five previous novels to a National Book Award-winner and household name.In 1948, 16-year-old protagonist John Grady Cole sets out on horseback from his Texas ranch in search of a vanished country--the Old West.(2011) by Patrick De Witt: This tremendous novel about two assassin brothers in the Old West will have readers laughing and wincing, sometimes simultaneously.De Witt deconstructs the conventions of the Western with this uproarious, and surprisingly moving tale.But the Western has never been more alive, or, I would argue, better.Here are nine classic Westerns by writers of our time.

Eli Mc Cullough is just a boy when he's taken captive by the Comanche, but he soon impresses his captors and becomes a member of the tribe. New York: Harper Perennial, a Division of Harper Collins, 1994. A Reader's Guide to The Fiction of Barbara Kingsolver: The Bean Trees, Homeland and other Stories, Animal Dreams, Pigs in Heaven. (2011) by Mary Doria Russell: A gorgeous biographical novel dramatizing the tragic life of "Doc" Henry Holliday, Russell's story takes our eponymous character from his birth in Georgia to his death in a Colorado sanatorium at the age of 36.The years of Doc's friendship with lawman Wyatt Earp and their fight against outlaws in Tombstone, Arizona are especially affecting.

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, is about the Dalton Gang) focuses on that oddest of American values: celebrity.

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